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Bungalow Lane Agile Learning Community

Bungalow Lane ALC is an enrichment center that uses 

Agile learning tools. 


We believe in Self Directed Education! Our community began as a group of home schooling families engaged in Self Directed Education with our own children. We dreamed of a magical environment that would enable our kids to have free-range, mixed-age, social interactions with peers without an agenda or curriculum.

Therefore, our community does not have a conventional school curriculum sorted into different subjects like Math, Science, English and History. Instead we support Interdisciplinary Learning, where students explore the world around them. Students create activities and experiences that help them make connections and design their own learning path.

Play-based Learning

Children are learning all the time. When they are engaged in play they are using their imagination, creativity and independent thinking skills. They are developing their social and intellectual skills, building confidence, learning math, science and literacy and even working with their emotional and physical development.

Our indoor and outdoor space provides a safe environment where children are free to move, explore and play.

Self-directed Education

Children make their own decisions based on what they take an interest in. Their "curriculum" is created as they go, and it is a flexible and changeable process designed by the children themselves.

When children take an interest in something, they become motivated to know more about it. Taking charge and making decisions about what they want to learn helps them understand responsibility and builds confidence.

We help to give them more opportunities to learn through activities, experiences, sharing and reflection.

"Learning is about making connections, deepening understanding, solving problems, creating and sharing."

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