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A Typical Day at The Bungalow

The truth is, there is no typical day at The Bungalow! Classes and offerings vary, and every day is a new adventure, but you can expect a few things to remain consistent. Here's a sample:

9:30     Arrive and hug your friends (or not - consent is important!)

9:45     Set-the-Day time

Everyone in the community gathers in the common room to make plans for the day and add offerings to the community schedule.

10:00   Spawn Groups OR Change Up Meeting

Spawn is a smaller group meeting, within which intentions for the day and a connection activity are shared

Change-Up is an all community meeting during which community agreements are created in response to problems or issues that have arisen in previous days. 

10:10 - 2:00 SDE Time

Learners have several hours to interact and collaborate with each other, participate in classes and offerings, play, share meals, argue and resolve conflicts. Classes/offerings range from academic-looking things like Science labs or Spanish to Process Art, Popsicle Stick Engineering, Hole-Digging, Yard-Work and Film-Making. The most popular offerings are made in collaboration with the learners themselves!

2:00     Clean-Up

In addition to cleaning up their own messes, everyone in the community chooses a daily chore to complete at clean-up time to help maintain our magical space.

2:15     Afternoon Spawn

We gather in our Spawn Groups or as a whole community to share reflections on our day and finish up with a game.

2:30     Time to go home

No one is ever ready to leave. We think that's a good sign.

Ages 4-18 are welcome. 

“Those things you learn without joy, you will forget easily.”


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